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Heads, Hearts & Tails

Virtual Masterclass (Priced per Person, Groups of 10+)


In these times where we’re all missing the shared experiences we loved so much and our need to connect with each other is stronger than ever, live cocktail masterclasses are the perfect way to spend a few hours with family, friends or work colleagues hosting their office Christmas party.

During your two hour live virtual Masterclass, one of Heads, Hearts & Tails expert masterclass instructors will cover the history of your chosen cocktails and the spirits you’ll use in them, whilst also taking you through all the preparation techniques and the bar tools you’ll need. Guests will then make three cocktails from our menu, which will need to be chosen in advance. 

We’ll send a bespoke party box to each guest ahead of your event, which will contain all the ingredients needed to make the drinks.

Included in each box is:

  • x 3 Premium Spirits
  • x 3 Premium mixers and or homemade syrups 
  • x 3 Garnishes

To make the drinks, you’ll need some equipment! If your guests don't already have their own cocktail kit, it can be bought from the equipment section of our website.

 What you’ll need:
  • Equipment (if not purchased) 
  • Shaker/Protein Shaker
  • Strainer/Small Sieve
  • Cocktail Measure/Egg Cup
  • Bar Spoon/Wooden-Spoon
  • Ice (1kg per person)
  • Glassware 

Whilst using the proper equipment will make life so much easier and give you the best results; if you haven't got access to a cocktail kit, there are ways around it with equipment you’d most likely have at home…

  • Something to shake with - a protein shaker or mason jar!
  • Something to stir with - a long handled spoon!
  • Something to strain with - a sieve or tea-strainer!
  • Something to measure with - an egg cup!

We'll be hosting the masterclasses, Monday - Saturday at the set times of:
  • 4-6pm
  • 6.30-8.30pm

Please email to find out more about availability and cocktail menu options. 

    Virtual Masterclass (Priced per Person, Groups of 10+)